This is my first post using the WordPress app for iPhones. Since this is my first time using it, I’m not quite ready to provide a “formal” review, but so far I can definitely say that I love the flexibility it provides. I now have the ability to post directly from my iPhone…anytime, anywhere…complete with images. Once I’ve had a chance check out all of the apps features, abilities and shortcomings (I’ve already discovered there is no spell check), I plan to write a full review.

The above image is of the juicy, tangy-sweet Clementines I picked up at the market last week. They were a perfect ingredient for the semisweet vinegarette I made for a leafy greens salad.

I shot this image with Maxwell, my trusty little Nikon D50. When posting remotely using WordPress for iPhone, only images that are actually stored on the iPhone itself can be included in your posts. Since this image wasn’t taken with my iPhone I had to copy it from my desktop and then select it from the iPhone’s photo library (aka “camera roll”) to be uploaded with this post. Worked like a charm. Of course, another option for including images when using WordPress for iPhone would be to link to them directly from your server or link to images already published on the Web (with proper permission to do so, of course!).

So far, I am straight diggin’ posting from this tight little app, so I’m pretty sure there’ll be many more to come…mos def!

U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy
Image credit: From the Web; photographer unknown.

In the eyes of many, the Senator from Massachusetts, Edward Moore Kennedy was (as I prefer to call him) “The People’s Senator”. I am grateful for his long tenure and much-needed presence in the upper house of the U.S. Congress. Peace and blessings to the Kennedy family. We love you, Teddy! May you rest in peace, dear Lion of the Senate…you will be sorely missed.

Pappas BBQ

Despite the heat, Saturday was a most lovely day in Houston and I was out and about town enjoying it. The sky was an awesome blue with its fluffy, perky clouds. On my way to have lunch at Pappas BBQ after I left the doctor’s office, I had the unusual opportunity to snap these images from my car (pardon the dirty windshield) as I waited for the light rail train to pass. These were my first outdoor shots using my new iPhone and it performed exceptional well. I am pleased. Now if I can just learn to keep my hands steady to eliminate the blur.

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Pappadeaux Swamp Thing (click to enlarge)After a long, hard work week, a friend and I decided to meet at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen for Happy Hour last Friday with one specific mission in mind: Eat, drink and get merry like Christmas! As usual, the drinks were superb and the food was oh-so-good! And I managed to capture nearly all of this Cajun-style deliciousness with Coltrane (my iPhone 3GS). To my pleasant surprise, that little sucker (the latest love of my life) performed pretty gosh darn well inside with low light. To kick the weekend off right we tried a new drink, The Swamp Thing, a delightful concoction of cognac, Grand Marnier, raspberry and melon liqueurs blended with frozen Hurricane and Margarita. Lemme tell ya, those babies are the FIRE! We also tried a new appetizer, Blackened Shrimp & Crawfish Fondeaux with Garlic Bread. Magnificent! We were so busy enjoying ourselves and I got so caught up in the flavours of my drink and the great jazz that I forgot to snap a pic of the appetizer (click images to enlarge).

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Shot this while at the market this morning. I had intentions of shooting more, but got totally caught up in the shopping and forgot. I was also so hungry that my mind’s secondary focus was on getting home as quickly as possible to eat.

Not too bad for an indoor image. Pretty good overhead lighting in the produce section. I did a bit of contrast correction in post and minor colour adjustment, but overall, the original was pretty good, with a lot less graininess. I like that the iPhone provides something halfway decent to work with, especially when images are taken in good lighting. Now this is pretty much the level of results I was expecting from my Coltrane. I think I’m falling in love!

More iPhone images coming soon…

iPhone 3GS Box

I GOT IT! Yes, I came home to my new iPhone 3GS Friday evening. I am beside myself with excitement, to say the least. This image was taken indoors near a window this afternoon. Minor colour correction in post, but nothing major. Anyone interested in seeing the original image, just comment or email me.

I guess the image quality isn’t too bad for a little 3.2MP phone camera with no flash, but honestly, I was hoping for better. Didn’t expect to see so much graininess, esp. on black areas, but this is a definite improvement over my old phone camera (Nokia 6085, see previous post).

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