This is my first post using the WordPress app for iPhones. Since this is my first time using it, I’m not quite ready to provide a “formal” review, but so far I can definitely say that I love the flexibility it provides. I now have the ability to post directly from my iPhone…anytime, anywhere…complete with images. Once I’ve had a chance check out all of the apps features, abilities and shortcomings (I’ve already discovered there is no spell check), I plan to write a full review.

The above image is of the juicy, tangy-sweet Clementines I picked up at the market last week. They were a perfect ingredient for the semisweet vinegarette I made for a leafy greens salad.

I shot this image with Maxwell, my trusty little Nikon D50. When posting remotely using WordPress for iPhone, only images that are actually stored on the iPhone itself can be included in your posts. Since this image wasn’t taken with my iPhone I had to copy it from my desktop and then select it from the iPhone’s photo library (aka “camera roll”) to be uploaded with this post. Worked like a charm. Of course, another option for including images when using WordPress for iPhone would be to link to them directly from your server or link to images already published on the Web (with proper permission to do so, of course!).

So far, I am straight diggin’ posting from this tight little app, so I’m pretty sure there’ll be many more to come…mos def!

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  1. Mickey says:

    Where you been? I’ve been missing you baby.

  2. Lynne J. says:

    I’m right where I’ve always been. You know how to contact me… ;-)

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